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Witness Photography

Witness Photography features the work of Brooklyn-based photographer, Tom Martinez. Additional images are online at www.digitalrailroad.net/witness.

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Newman Institute Lamb's Club Tour  Tour of Lamb's Club (NYC, 2008)

Brooklyn Get Radical BFP Fundraiser  


Riverside Truth Commission on Conscience in War  

Rockaway Surfers July 2011  

Touro College School of Social Work  

Gulf Coast May 2010  

PSC Cuny June 16 2010 Protest  

Rockaway Surfers August 2010  

Rockaway Surfers September 2010  

Touro "Aging in America"  

2nd LGBTI SOGI Human Rts. Consultation  

Greening Modernism  

SLN Banking on the Future  

Rockaway pre Irene Aug 2011  

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